light camera sex

Christy Canyon: Lights, Camera, Sex! (Self Published, 2004) What sticks out in a presumably entertaining read that also offers some insight into the artistic or at least rebellious personality, and, in the case of a woman, how that sort of personality might find expression as a porn star, is the superabundance of typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. It is as if the author wore an otherwise nice looking Donna Karan blouse covered with gravy stains. I did notice one thing, however, that inspires a bit of a Freudian wink. The typos, misspellings etc. are rampant only in the passages where Canyon describes her porn star activities – on-set occurrences, negotiations with producers, social interactions and all the rest. In those passages where she agonizes over her relations with her family or details her non- porn life, the mechanics of writing is considerably less error prone. It all reminds me of a distinguished American philosopher who could not suppress a voluntary jerk of the head every time he said the word, “sex.” But from a porn star?