Everything You Know About God is Wrong

Russ Kick (ed.) : Everything You Know About God is Wrong – The Disinformation Guide to Religion  (The Disinformation Company Ltd, 2007)  I’m not entirely enthusiastic about all the space given to the juvenile sodomy trials of the Roman cardinals. Amidst all the violences perpetrated on innocent teens by the priests – lying, physical punishment, psychological manipulation, indoctrination in mindless gullibility and unquestioning obedience – a little bit of ass-fucking is probably the one activity that was pretty nigh harmless (as long as the priests wore condoms). After all, Dawkins underwent the same sort of sexual experience and he appears to have survived intact. Has anyone noticed that the descriptions of the mental breakdowns suffered by the young “victims” are almost identical to those of young Victorian ladies defiled by the odd heartless cad?